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With over 508 voices, 180 styles and 120 songs, you could play along to any of the popular songs onboard or select any styles to accompany your favorite tunes.
The performance could also be simply recorded on the keyboard and share with friends on board. Connect A100 to a PC or laptop and you could access to different music softwares.
The stereo system is professionally tuned to allow A100 to sound big.  A100 provides everything you need as an aspiring keyboardist, from beautiful and dynamic sound to high quality feel and touch.
  • Keyboard 61 touch response
  • Display Backlit LCD
  • Polyphony 64 (max)
  • Voices 508 voices
  • Split YES
  • Styles 180 preset
  • O.T.S. YES
  • Sequencer 5 user songs (melody + accomp.)
  • Music Library 120 preset songs; 5 user songs;
  • Music Tutorial System
  • Demo Song 5
  • Dimensions LWH 970 x 370 x 142 mm