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שם המוצר: אורגן 5 אוקטבות MEDELI A-1000  
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פרטים נוספים:
  • Keyboard 61 touch response
  • Display 7 inches touch screen
  • Polyphony 128 (max)
  • Voices 672 panel voices; 256 GM voices;
  • 500 user voices
  • Split YES
  • Styles 240 preset; 500 user
  • Style Creator YES
  • O.T.S. YES
  • Sequencer 500 user songs (16 tracks)
  • Music Library 90 preset songs; 500 user songs;
  • Score display
  • Demo Song 2
  • Audio Playback WAV / MP3 / WMA
  • Audio Recorder 44.1K / 16 bit
  • Score Display SMF MIDI
  • External Drive USB (32G max)
  • Dimensions LWH 970 x 390 x 160 mm

The next-generation arranger workstation is here. Powered by the latest sound technology and the enhanced style engine, A1000 brings the most stunning realistic voices and accompaniments. 16-track sequencer, style creator, 4-part arpeggiator, audio player & recorder, assignable controllers, massive user memory, and other powerful functions are all conveniently accessible through the optimized high-definition graphic user-interface with touch screen.

More Polyphony, More Possibility
Powered by MIST Synth (Multiple IC synchronized technology), A1000 features 128 polyphony. A1000 is able to present the accompaniments and backing tracks with rich and amazing sound as well as the keyboard voices, your virtual band now becomes real.

Next-Generation Synth Technology
Thanks to MEDELI's Mars Technology (Massive-vector Advanced Realistic Synthesize technology), now the sounds are generated not only on the basis of velocity, duration and traditional envelope algorithm. Each note of A1000 has seamless fusion of unlimited layers of samples and a massive variety of changes, giving detail and authenticity.

Advanced Style Engine
A1000 provides 240 fine-tuned preset styles of different musical genres, each one can assist you in producing pro-quality songs. Each style includes 2 intros, 2 endings and 4 fills. The 4 variations each offers a different level of instrumentation or activity, allowing the song to build and alternate between sections. Simply play a few chords, A1000 style engine will provide a full band experience.

4x Enhanced Arpeggiators
A1000 allows you to have 4x keyboard parts, 4x arpeggiators, 4x harmony, 4x choppers, etc. Work together with the 6 performance memory switch, you will have thousands of combinations and almost unlimited musical possibilities, 4x amplifying your performance.

Inspiring Composing Assistant
Now you don’t need to have substantial expertise, equipment, and time to turn your idea into a complete song in the same way that a professional musician or arrangerdoes. A1000 features a 16-track sequencer, you can record one track at a time, or you can record all 4 keyboard parts, arpeggiators and style simultaneously. You can quantize the recorded notes or fine tune the volume, pan of each track. Your work will be saved as a standard MIDI file on the keyboard or SD card which can be easily share or for further editing.

Style Creator
With the style creator, you are free to edit the preset styles or create your own styles on A1000. You can record each track of a style, setup the chord responding parameters, change the voice selection, and fine tune the volume and pan of the tracks. You can even edit the detailed velocity or duration of each note, deeply customize your A1000 for more enjoyment.

Assignable Controllers
A1000 is a powerful controller, complete with 2 assignable knobs, 6 assignable buttons, 1 assignable pedal. You can easily choose their functions among dozens of selections, including envelope parameters, reverb and chorus send values, arpeggiator gate or resolution. You can also configure which keyboard parts should be affected. The MIDI message will also be sent to other gear via MIDI out or USB MIDI.

Audio Ready
Playing and recording audio data on a keyboard is never so easy, the audio engine is deeply integrated into the core of A1000. Simply plug a standard USB thumb drive, you can choose a MP3 or WAV file in the touch screen and press start button to play. If you want to capture your performances or moments of inspiration, just press on the Audio Record button, a CD quality WAV file will be recorded.

Massive User Memory
A1000 has massive internal flash memory for user contents. You can store up to 500 user songs, 500 user styles, 500 user voices, 500 arpeggiator patterns, 500 performance memory banks inside the keyboard. This will truly unleash your creativity. You now can create and save your own music or store musical contents made by other devices without worrying about the capacity.

High Definition Touch Screen
Equipped with a 7 inches high definition full color touch screen, A1000 can display all information and parameters clearly and in graphic, every operation is just so easy and straight forward.

USB thumb drive
Visiting files in a standard USB thumb drive on A1000 is easy. Simply choose a file and execute it, A1000 will automatically recognize the file type and load the proper engine to start a style, to select a voice or to play a song. You can also visit the USB thumb drive from style, song or voice selection interface, which enable you to switch between internal and USB contents seamlessly.

Powerful Speaker System
A1000 has a newly designed high power stereo speaker system, provides a full, balanced sound with rich woof and clear treble.

Evolvable Operating System
The operating system, DSP engine and sound bank of A1000 are fully upgradable. It’s possible to add new features or preset music contents to A1000 in the future.