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The classic 4T system utilizes the Fishman Sonicore™ coaxial
under-saddle pickup.

To Replace the Battery
Pinch the two tabs at the top and bottom of the preamp, and pull
the housing out to reveal the battery compartment. (illustration)
Install a 9-volt alkaline battery in accordance with the polarity
marks on the case. (illustration)
You can expect 300 hours of continuous use. To conserve the
battery, unplug the cord at the guitar when you are not using
the system.
Endpin Jack
Plug a standard
instrument cable from
the endpin jack to a stage
amp, a DI, or an unbalanced
microphone input on a mixer. When they are plugged in, the preamp
switches on. To conserve battery life, remember to unplug the endpin
jack when you are not using the pickup system. It is a good idea to turn
down your amp or mixer input before you plug into the endpin jack
input. This will protect your speakers (and your ears) from loud pops.