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ROCKCASE RC-24014 B Eco Line Shallow rack Case 4HE
Stabiles Case aus der Eco Line. Stable Case from the Eco Line

Stable 19-inch rack Shallow Cases with less depth, available in two different designs for equipment rack to 4 PP. Slide-Mounting System (Gleitschiene) für stufenlose Befestigung in vertikaler Richtung. Slide-Mounting System (shaft) for adjustable attachment in a vertical direction.

  • Corpus depth 330 mm rack rail without cover
  • Lid depth 45 mm
  • 5-layer 10mm / 0.35 inch plywood with strong black, water-repellent coating
  • 2 Schnappverschlüsse both at the front and rear
  • Four 10 mm / 0.39 inch high rubber feet
  • Disco grip on the front opening
  • 8 small ball corners
  • Aluminum Profiles
  • Chrome handle disco
  • All hardware firmly riveted