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Rockcase APX Guitar Wood Case - Standard Line - Curved Shape - Black Tolex
Robust guitar wood case with flat top and black Tolex surface material for every Acoustic APX Guitar. For ideal instrument protection guarantees the wide neck holder with additional neck cushion and Headstock Support System, as well as a thick foam insert in the middle of the cask cover and the with foam rubber amplified inner edge. The black velvet design preserves the damageable instruments finish. Separate interior compartment with cover for storage of different accessories. Massive locks, metal feets and a robust PVC handle care for a stress free handling.

  • curved design
  • Arched lid with foam inlay (except RC 10608, RC 10609, RC 10611, RC 10612, RC 10613, RC 10614 and RC 10628: flat lid)
  • Solid wood case, 5 mm / 0.2" thick
  • Alternatively covered with black or brown Tolex, Vintage Tweed or Snake Skin
  • Inside lining: black velvet with soft padding
  • Solid, wide neck placement area with additional neck cushioning
  • Inside edges strengthened with foam rubber for additional protection
  • Separate inside compartment with lid
  • 2 massive closings to lock, 1-3 latches (depending on model)
  • Solid handle with metal insert, covered with PVC
  • Metal feet