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גיטרה בס סטרימר LX 6 פליים מייפל אויל פיניש

In 1996, the Streamer LX appeared on Warwick's product list for the very first time. Now it has been submitted to a model upgrade: an ergonomic construction with an arched, two-piece Maple body, shaped for ultimate playing comfort, combined with a bolt-on Ovangkol neck with a Wenge fingerboard and solid chrome hardware.

As a 4-string, the Streamer LX is equipped with a P/J-pickup configuration, as 5-string it comes with a J/J-, and as 6-string with H/H-equipment. Thus it produces the typical and variable Warwick-sound, bass-emphasised with a good punch, thanks to the used woods, its construction and the electronic components.

  • Bolt-on
  • Available as 4-, 5- and 6-string
  • Lefthand and fretles available at no extra cost
  • Maple body
  • Ovangkol neck with Wenge fingerboard
  • Measure: 34“ (long scale)
  • 24 frets
  • Active MEC pickups (4-string: P/J, 5-string: J/J, 6-string: H/H)
  • Active MEC 2-band electronics
  • Natural Oil finish, Coloured Oil finish or Stain High Polish finish
  • Warwick tuners
  • Two-piece Warwick bridge
  • Warwick security locks
  • Just-A-Nut III
  • Weights 5,1 kg
  • Warwick Black Label strings: 6-string: 025“ - 135“
  • Including Warwick "User Kit" and "Premium Line Plus" RockBag®