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גיטרה בס קורבט 4 מיתרים TARANIS
Warwick Corvette Taranis BassProduct InformationIn Celtic mythology Taranis was the God of Thunder who was worshipped in Gaul and Britain. Taranis is also the name of a thunderous Warwick bass that is worshipped by bassists who want a powerful tone and a dramatic presence.

For many years players from all over the world would order custom 4-string Warwicks that were tuned (from low to high) B, E, A, and D. The Taranis 4-string comes standard with that same tuning. The passive MEC MM and SC pickups deliver a gutteral tone that is both in your face and present in the mix. This beast is not delicate at all.

The swamp ash body is lightly sandblasted to remove the softest parts of the wood. This process creates a killer texture and appearance that highlights the grain. You have to see it in person to appreciate the visual impact of this unique Warwick finish.

Warwick Corvette Taranis Bass Features:
  • Swamp ash body
  • B, E, A, D tuning
  • 34'' scale
  • Wenge fingerboard
  • 500mm fingerboard radius
  • 19mm string spacing
  • Passive MEC MM and SC pickups