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Corvette $$ LTD 2009
It has become a tradition that Warwick releases a particular, exclusive model Limited Edition each year. In 2009, friends of the most attractive instruments can enjoy the high-class and professionally built Limited Edition Corvette $$ 2009, an attractive bass with excellent playability. Select tone woods complement the exclusive playing comfort and first-class pickups and electronics of the Corvette $$. Thus, the Limited Edition Corvette $$ 2009 should become a "must have" for fans of unique and rare instruments. 
The Corvette $$ serves as a sonorous basis for the Limited Edition; two pieces of Mahogany form the back and two pieces of Olive wood form the top. The matching headstock has an Olive veneer adorned with the iconic W-logo. The Maple neck with 2 Mahagony-stripes has a 24-fret Rosewood fingerboard and gorgeous oval inlays. The visually appealing wood choices are intensified by contrasting black hardware. Two passive MEC MM-style humbuckers " in conjunction with the active 3-band tone control and two 3-way toggle-switches for coil selection " provide an unbeatable variety of sounds for this stunning instrument. 
Warwick founder and CEO Hans Peter Wilfer performs the final inspection for each Limited Edition Corvette $$ 2009 personally, and will manually sign each bass himself. Thus, you have his additional guarantee that you are receiving an instrument of first-class quality, manufactured at the highest level in the Warwick Custom Shop.
This Limited Edition Corvette $$ 2009 is available as either four- or five-string bass, as fretted version. 
  • Bolt-on
  • available as 4- or 5-string
  • available as right-handed
  • two piece Mahogany body with two piece Olive top
  • Matched headstock (Olive with W-logo)
  • Maple neck with 2 Mahogany stripes
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Oval inlays
  • Scale length: 34" (long scale)
  • 2 x passive MEC MM-style humbuckers
  • active MEC 3-band electronics
  • Black hardware
  • Warwick Standard machine heads
  • Just A Nut III
  • Warwick two-piece bridge
  • Warwick security locks
  • EMP strings(4-string: .045" - .105"; 5-string: .045" - .135")
  • Including Warwick "User Kit", 1 Ltd. Edition Signature Sheet
  • Including Premium Line Plus RockBag