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Who else but B.C. Rich would you expect to offer neck through guitars? This year B.C. Rich will take their neck through designs to a whole new level. Introducing the NT Series Guitars and Basses. Many of these models have never been offered as import neck through. Now players who want the added sustain and solid feel of a neck through, but affordable can pickup a new NT (neck through) series by B.C. Rich.

~ Nato Body
~ Hard Maple Neck
~ Neck-thru Construction
~ Ebony Fingerboard
~ Widow Headstock
~ 25.5'' Scale
~ 24 Jumbo Frets
~ Diamond Inlays
~ Black Hardware
~ Dual BSDM Humbucker Pickups
~ Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo
~ Model #: NTWGTP
~ Color: Trans Purple