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Versatile piezo tones for your Strat!
The Fishman VMV Powerbridge lets you get acoustic guitar sound from Strat-style guitars with 6-screw vintage-style bridges. Ultrasensitive built-in saddle transducers sense the natural acoustic vibrations of a solidbody guitar, giving an authentic acoustic sound to the instrument. A supplied stereo output jack allows independent use of the saddle pickups or a blending with the guitar's regular pickups. All installation materials and instructions are included. Professional installation and use of Powerchip Preamp is recommended (See recommended accessories box on this page). Chrome.

Fishman VMV Powerbridge Features:
  • Replacement bridge for guitars with vintage Strat-style bridges
  • Built-in piezo pickup
  • Stereo output jack
Fishman VMV Powerbridge Specifications:
  • # of Conductors - 1
  • Active/Passive - Passive
  • DC Resistance - None
  • Instrument - Electric Guitar
  • Magnet - Piezo
  • Number - 600
  • Output - High
  • Position - Bridge
  • Type - Piezo