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Asterope premium audio cables deliver pure, uncolored, high definition sound.
Asterope products literally “excite”your tone the moment you plug in. Regardless of
the application, Asterope provides greater clarity, bandwidth and harmonics while
dramatically improving the musical experience for both the musician and the listener.

Asterope Pro Stage Series:
Ideal for more demanding environments when consistency, control and durability
are essential to a successful performance.
Provides artists and engineers a product that is clearly superior whether at a casual
rehearsal or a large production.

All Asterope Products Feature:
• Highest quality conductive materials that optimize the electron flow in
your signal path
• Proprietary wiring and production methods
• Patented ultra-clarity connectors
• Durable exterior jacketing
• Enhanced noise-resistant shielding
• Unique unidirectional design
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Made in the U.S