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T.M. Stevens FunkMaster Signature Cable
A thoroughly charismatic personality on the music scene, with a breathtaking live presence that sweeps away even non-musicians - that's T. M. Stevens. KLOTZ worked with this unique bass player to develop and produce a cable built to his specifications and needs: ''We worked on it for a long, long time, and came up with a really brilliant cable. People often underestimate how a cable can influence the sound as a whole'', commented T.M. Stevens after developing his bass signature cable, T.M. Stevens FunkMaster. The result of the collaboration is a cable with optimum frequency transmission, plus outstanding flexibility and durability. After all, a cable not only needs to sound great, but also stand up to the wildest stage exploits like those Stevens has made his trademark. 
The Cable: The cable features high-quality copper core and thicker dielectric conductor insulation, for superb signal transmission. A metallic spiral wound screen with plastic jacket deflects the friction that can otherwise cause the dreaded phenomenon of microphony. The outer jacket is made of a completely new material, which despite its 2mm thickness (out of a total cable cross-section of 6.8 mm) is ultra-flexible with high bending strength, temperature resistant and ultra-durable. It's smooth and easy to handle and clean, even after dusty, muddy open-air gigs. The cable is supplied coiled corresponding to the natural twist of the cable, to enable the cable to be uncoiled without kinking or knotting.
   Connectors: KLOTZ uses specially developed connectors for this cable, available in straight or angled versions and all with gold-plated contacts, indestructible, easy-grip metal casing, spring strain relief and shrink-sleeve insulator for additional contact protection