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Neutrik (NP2CBAG), Jack plug 2pol., metal shell, plastic sleeve
Neutrik (NP2RCS), Jack plug 2pol. right-angled, metal shell, plastic sleeve
 cable: GY107

the sky's the limit when it comes to how much you
can spend on a high-end cable, but the Germanmade
KLOTZ guitar leads imported by American
distributor Kendrick Amplifiers deliver top-notch
performance without taking a huge whack out of
your wallet. Featuring smooth outer jackets to
resist knotting, low-capacitance conductors to
ensure your tones stay bright and pure, and strainrelieved
connectors to keep' em working reliably,
KLOTZ cables are a no-brainer for anyone who
wants as little as possible coming between
their guitar and amp.
We tested the 10' LaGrange model (…) with a
variety of guitars and amps, and found it to be one
of the clearest and most coherent sounding cables
we've tried - not surprising considering its low total
capacitance (cable + connectors) of 225pf. Notes
spring from the speakers sounding focused and aligned,
and the note detail and top-to-bottom
balance is extraordinary. The LaGrange even brings
out a little extra beefiness in the low-end - which is
truly the mark of a cable that's revealing all the
sonic goodies your guitar has to offer.“
ART THOMPSON - Guitar Player Magazine