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MAX® 110
The MAX® 110 bass combo amp is perfect for beginners. This 20 watt lightweight bass amp has Peavey's exclusive TransTube® circuitry that transforms the tone of this amp from vintage to modern with a flip of the voicing switch while the three-band equalizer allows you to further mix your sound. The heavy-duty 10 inch Peavey speaker is protected by DDT™ technology for extra ruggedness. Convenient features like headphone out and CD player input make practicing a breeze.

  • 20 watts (rms) into 4 ohms 
  • 10 inch speaker 
  • DDT™ speaker protection 
  • Gain control 
  • Modern/Vintage voicing switch with patented TransTube® tube emulation circuitry 
  • Low, Mid, and High EQ controls 
  • CD/Line-In jacks 
  • Headphone jack 
  • Cover available 

  • Dimensions 15.25'' W x 17.5'' H x 11.25'' D (Unpacked)
  • 16'' W x 18.5'' H x 12.5'' D (Packed)
  •  Weight 31.4 lbs. (Packed)
  • 28.2 lbs. (Unpacked)