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Peavey MAX 112 Bass Combo
Perfect bass amp for small gigs and practice.

If you're tired of lugging around heavy gear to small gigs and rehearsals try plugging into the MAX 112. Peavey's exclusive HyperVent system is designed to push bass to the front of the cabinet so the full bass output of the speaker is realized. Its 40W of power drives a heavy-duty, custom-designed, 12'' Peavey woofer to generate ample volume for small gigs and rehearsals.

Wide tonal range
Peavey's exclusive, patented TransTube circuitry gives you a choice of 2 distinct voicings vintage and modern for covering a wide range of sounds and music styles. A semi-parametric EQ adds further tone-shaping capability with low, mid, mid shift, and high controls.

An all-purpose amp
Perfect for small gigs, rehearsals, and with its CD input and headphone output, it's a great practice bass amp, too.

Peavey MAX 112 Bass Combo Features:
  • 40W RMS into 4 ohms
  • 12'' speaker
  • DDT speaker protection
  • Gain control
  • Modern/Vintage voicing switch with patented TransTube tube emulation circuitry
  • Low, Mid, Mid Shift and High semi-parametric EQ
  • Post-EQ effects loop
  • CD input
  • Master volume control
  • Tuned, ported enclosure with exclusive dual HyperVent technology
  • Headphone jack