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Amazing versatility. Perfect for any event. The Ecoustic 110 EFX has been designed to get the most out of electrical instruments that have delicate tonal ranges and special nuances that may not be heard through standard amps. Whether you play acoustic guitar, violin, or harmonica, this amp is the answer for those hard-to-EQ acoustic instruments. It also works great for vocals. The Ecoustic uses special buffers, EQ and feedback controls to capture the true essence of acoustic sound.

  • 10 inch Blue Marvel(R) coaxial speaker
  • Bi-amped, 30 watts to the lows and mids, 10 watts to the highs
  • 2 channels with independent effects
  • Chorus, phaser, delay, rotating speaker, reverb, and doubler on channel 1
  • Chorus, delay and reverb on channel 2
  • Semi-programmable with footswitch (footswitch optional)
  • Feedback Ferret(R) digital anti-feedback system
  • CD/AUX input
  • 2 independent 4-band graphic EQs
  • Phase switch on channel 1
  • Weight Unpacked: 38.4
  • Width Unpacked: 17.125
  • Depth Unpacked: 12.5
  • Height Unpacked: 17.75
  • Weight Packed: 43
  • Width Packed: 19.25
  • Depth Packed: 15.125
  • Height Packed: 20