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מחליף  Professionasl Audio PL-972   LED PAR  72X5W
Four operation modes: DMX 512 protocol, auto and master/slave and sound active operating in various modes to form different led effects.

DMX-512 connection / connection between fixtures
Using of the XLR-connection:
If you are using DMX controllers with XLR connection, you can connect the DMX output of the controller directly with the DMX input of the first fixture in the DMX chain.
If you wish to connect DMX controllers with other XLR outputs, you need to use adapter cables.

Building a serial DMX-chain:
Connect the DMX-output of the first fixture in the DMX chain to the DMX input of the next fixture.
Always connect one output to the input of the next fixture until all fixtures are connected.
Caution: At the last fixture, the DMX cable has to be terminated with a terminator. Solder a 120 resistor between Signal (–) and Signal (+) into a 3-pin XLR-plug and plug it in the DMX-output of the last fixture.
Connection to the mains
Connect the device to the mains with the enclosed standard power supply cable.




  1. Mode Key
  2. Function Key
  3. Up Key
  4. Down Key
  5. DMX In XLR Socket
  6. DMX Out XLR Socket
  7. Mic
  8. Power Input Line
  9. LED Display