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NUX collaborates with REMO, the world-renowned drumhead brand, and equips DM -7X with all excellent REMO mesh heads. Enhanced by the latest Dual-Triggering technology (head and rim), DM-7X's 10" NDP-10 snare and the 8" NDP-8 toms
  • provide accurate triggering and large strike area, together with authentic acoustic feel. 
  • Meanwhile, with the advanced velocity-sensitive drum pads and cymbals, 
  • you can set parameters for your drum triggers to ensure the most accurate and natural response. 
  • DM-7X also features 30 precisely-sampled studio kits and a customizable sound library, which delivers the most realistic and expressive drum sounds. 
  • In addition, practice mode offers recording and 5 types of coach functions, and various effects are available to further expand the playability.
  • DM-7X Professional Digital Drum Set with All Mesh Heads