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Ludwig LC135 Accent Nomad CS 5-Piece Drum Set

The Ludwig LC135 Accent Nomad 5-Piece CS Drum Kit offers entry level through professional level sets that don’t resemble anything that would suggest amateur gear. 
From the Accent CS Combo to the Accent CS Custom Elite, the gorgeous finishes and wide selection of components and outfit configurations deliver Ludwig’s high quality standards throughout. All levels of the CS Series come with heavy duty hardware that will hold up under heavy duty playing. The Ludwig Accent CS Series has what it takes to make looking and sounding like a pro easy and affordable. 

Ludwig offers 3 fantastic options for the young drummer, and totally affordable to boot. The Nomad is the outfit for the early beginner. Like the 200 Series, the shells are 9 ply 8mm select veneers. Toms use post style arms. The hardware is lighter weight and double braced. Start out the right way, on a quality Ludwig outfit.

Ludwig LC135 Specifications:
  • Bass drum: 14x18 inches
  • Floor tom: 12x14 inches
  • Toms: 8x12 inches and 8x10 inches
  • Snare drum: 5x13 inches