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Ludwig Element 6pc Fusion Birch Drum Set Deep Blue – LCB622PXTB – NEW 6-ply Marbled Birch: The bite and volume of a thin, all Birch shell makes Element Lacquer an ideal set-up for gigs and wood-shedding. Element Series has undergone some serious upgrades since their introduction. 100% Marbled Birch shells,high-end features like gorgeous high-gloss lacquer finishes expand tonal -and visual- pallet for the up-and-coming player. With all the choices available for next-level gear, Element Lacquer drums deliver pure tone, durable functionality, and the right custom touches. All the pieces are in place; all that remains is you. Includes: 18″ x 22″ Bass 7″ x 8″ Tom8″ x 10″ Tom9″ x 12″ Tom 14″ x 16″ Floor Tom5″ x 14″ Matching SnareBass Drum Spurs, Double-tom Mount, Floor Tom Legs Brand New with warranty from an authorized Ludwig Dealer! Please note, this listing is for the shell pack, it does NOT include cymbals or hardware not listed.