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ROCKBAG RB20506 DELUXE LINE Line Eletric Guitar Blacksolid water-resistant Rok Tex® surface material with artificial leather applications 
  • inside lining: extra solid black nylon 
  • 25mm/0.98 " cushioning 
  • equipped with the Guitar-Saving-System with Neck-Saving-System for ultimate protection 
  • extra protecting cushion for lower strap button 
  • robust Rok Tex® protection for mechanics and bridge 
  • ergonomically formed and cushioned rear side 
  • 8mm/0.31 " wide two-way zip with nylon zip-hanger and printed RockBag® logo 
  • two 50mm/1.97 " wide cushioned backpack straps (except for RB 20500/20501 B: only one strap) 
  • 1 removable shoulder strap with metal karabiner hook 
  • 1 cushioned carrier handle and one extra cushioned carrier handle at the front side 
  • 1 big outside pocket with zipper suitable for Worwei® stand with integrated extra pocket 
  • extra pocket with zip at the front side of the neck 
  • window pocket for business cards 
  • PVC-piping 
  • PVC-strengthened bottom with metal feet 
  • metal hook for hanging the bag up 
  • embossed RockBag® logo 
  • neck: 53,0cm 
  • body: 53,0cm 
  • width: 35,0cm 
  • depht: 8,0cm 
  • lenght: 106,0cm