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סט כפול אלחוטי MIPRO ACT-100A

הסט כולל 102 תדרים מתחלפים
שיטת הלימוד בין המקלט למשרד נוחה וקלה (ACT )
ACT-100A Dual-Channel Diversity Receiver
    EIA standard 1U rack-mountable metal receiver equipped with clear LED control panel. Receiver provides bias for booster where MIPRO antenna systems can be added for extended receiving range and stability.
    Sensitivity adjustor to manage the sensitivity levels and interferences.
    Industry’s only RF interference warning indicator with adjustor.
    Enhanced RF filter and circuitry for improved anti-interference characteristics and increased compatible systems.
    10 groups and a total of 102 selectable frequencies per band. One-touch Autoscan for a clear, interference-free frequency. World’s first ACT™ function provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the transmitters.
    Advanced diversity receiving circuit for the best elimination of signal dropout. “PiloTone & NoiseLock” dual-squelch circuits prevent noise interference.
    Three switchable output levels. Output level is accurately pre-adjusted to equal to the microphone capsule sensitivity and ensures optimal performance and no distortion during loud singing performance.
    A balanced volume control enables users to adjust the mixed output volume of two wireless microphones.
    Increased interference-free channels and ideal for large, multiple KTV rooms.

ACT-30H Handheld Transmitter
Extremely rugged, ergonomically designed housing.
The unique flat top multi-layered steel grille protects the capsule against impact, rolling, pop noise and ensures sound clarity.
The unique flat top multi-layered steel grille for condenser capsules and round top for dynamic capsules protect the capsule against impact, rolling and pop noise. The upper grille is able to be detached easily for cleaning and hygiene practices.
Premium true condenser microphone capsule provides high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, rapid transient response, clarity and accurate sound reproduction.
Proprietary lockable silent on/off switch to avoid accidental power-off during performance.
Impact-resistant battery compartment holds 2 AA batteries.
Interchangeable colored rings for microphone channel identification on stage.
LCD displays group, channel, battery level & error message codes.
Low spurious PLL-synthesized technology enhances frequency stability and reliability. Patented “Built-in” antenna design.
World’s first ACT™ function provides precise and rapid fre 

ACT-30T Bodypack Transmitter
Miniature, compact design.
Top features mute switch, mini-XLR connector and antenna.
Backlit LCD displays various parameters and indicators.
Unique battery cover design provides easy access to operational controls and protects against accidental change of settings.
Connector for optional MJ-70 remote mute switch cable.
Low spurious PLL-synthesized technology enhances frequency stability and reliability.  One-touch ACT syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically.
Selectable impedance for microphone or guitar/line inputs.
4-pin mini XLR connector is compatible with all MIPRO lavalier, headworn microphones and instrument cable.
Highly efficient power consumption circuitry ensures long operating hours from 2 AA batteries.
Adjustable belt clip allows wearing transmitter in up or dow