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Elixir® NanoWeb™ Coated Electric Guitar Strings

Developed in response to musician feedback, these NanoWeb coated strings offer tone closer to 'out of the box' non-coated strings. As with all Elixir strings, these deliver great sound and long life

In fact, some musicians have reported that the tone life of Elixir Guitar Strings is 3 to 5 times longer than that of regular strings. Try 'em and feel for yourself! Once again, the clever people at Elixir have brought guitar string technology to the next level. These advanced electric strings feature Elixir's new ultra-thin NanoWeb™ coating, which is about 30% of the thickness of their famous PolyWeb™ coating - the original coating technology featured on Elixir strings. Substantial innovations by Gore in fluoropolymer technology have enabled the development of this ultra-thin coating that retains the exceptionally high durability that musicians have come to expect from Elixir Strings