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The EMG-P is one of the most popular bass pickups ever made. Both on stage and in the studio, countless pros use it because they find its fidelity, definition, and sensitivity superior to high impedance pickups. It has a true natural presence, powerful lows, and a punchy mid-range. Designed with single-pole ceramic magnets, each side of the pickup is fully balanced for even output levels and consistent attack. 
In addition to the standard EMG-P Pickup, the EMG-P5 and EMG-P6 are available for use in five and six string basses respectively. The P covers standard string spacings up to 2.2''; the P5 up to 2.6''; the P6 up to 3.0''. All three models have exactly the same exterior dimensions and fit in standard P pickup routing                        The EMG-J offers the Jazz bass* player a wide range of tone selection with an accentuated mid-range. With sweeping harmonic overtones, it has marked clarity, and full bodied sound that adds new dimensions to your bass playing. In addition to its standard four string capability, the EMG-J's full-width bar magnet allows adaptation to use five strings. Recommended maximum overall string width is 2.75''. Both the SJ and LJ pickups are exact replacements for standard J pickup routing and share identical electronics. The LJ is intended for use in the bridge position, and is 0.1'' wider than the SJ. The J-Set includes both the SJ neck and LJ bridge pickups

  • Logo Color - Silver
  • Resonant Frequency (kHz) - 4.5
  • RMS Output Voltage - 1.0
  • Peak Output Voltage - 1.40
  • Output Noise (dBV) - -90
  • Output Impedance (Kohm) - 10
  • Current @ 9V (Microamps) - 80
  • Battery Life (Hours) - 3000
  • Max Supply Voltage (VDC) - 27
  • Designed for - 4 string
  • Max String Width (Inches) - 2.25

  • Logo Color - Silver
  • Resonant Frequency (kHz) - 4.8
  • RMS Output Voltage - 0.8
  • Peak Output Voltage - 1.10
  • Output Noise (dBV) - -91
  • Output Impedance (Kohm) - 10
  • Current @ 9V (Microamps) - 80
  • Battery Life (Hours) - 3000
  • Max Supply Voltage (VDC) - 27
  • Designed for - 4- or 5-string
  • Max String Width (Inches) - 2.75