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AMARHYLL AH44/61/76HC Pedalboard

We had a lot of oppinions about existing pedalboards, but instead of complaining, we made one with all the improvements we could think of. We made it by designing a special aluminium extrusion profile, that are made specifically for the AmARHyll. The end gables are also made of solid aluminum and are colored in black or white powder coating.

It's a pedalboard that you assemble yourself, and why is that? Because a pedalboard is very personal, and what you want, might not be what anybody else wants. A pedalboard is very much a DIY thing, we like to keep it that way and deliver you the parts you need.

We deliver 3 standard sizes 44cm wide, 61cm and 76cm. They come with hardcases. The cases have a little extra space for cables.

The standard package contains: 5 black powder coated aluminium extrusion profiles, 2 powder coated aluminium end gables in black or white, 38mm wide velcro for the board. 20 mm velcro for the pedals. TorX Screws and 10 strips for cabling, a build manual and a torx key.

Custom sizes and colors
If you want a much bigger board or a much smaller board, we can deliver that too. We can also design special boards, suited for only one row of pedals or one for one row and e.g. a controller for an amp. We can do that within aprox. 2 weeks, delivery time. Just ask, and we will help you with your special needs.

Installation and assembly.
We will make a short video explaining how to assemble the board

Safety warning
Please dont hit anybody with the board or parts of it. It is pretty solid, and might leave a dent.

Bottoms up, It is ridicuosly easy to cable. The extrusion are made so drilling 4mm holes is super easy, put in a strip and you have your cables locked into place.

We are super proud of this, it is awesome :)


A44HC: Width: 44cm Depth: 31cm Height: 3 - 8cm
(Board Weight: 2.0 kg - Hardcase weight: 3,5 kg)

A61HC: Width: 61cm Depth: 31cm Height: 3 - 8cm
(Board Weight: 2.5 kg - Hardcase weight: 4,3 kg)

A76HC: Width: 61cm Depth: 31cm Height: 3 - 8cm
(Board Weight: 3.2 kg - Hardcase weight: 5,0 kg)

A means AmARHyll 44, 61, 76 refers to its width in cm. HC means including hardcase.