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Finally, EMMA Electronic has released a brand new model, and we assure you it was worth the wait!!!
A unique booster / overdrive pedal, the EMMA OnoMATOpoeia can be used to raise the volume of an instrument to higher or "solo" level. Because of the addition of a Gain control, it can also be used to distort the original signal in the same manner as a tube amplifier when it first begins to overdrive.
Also included are a "seesaw" tone control and a saturation knob. The Saturation control has a unique function - before the widespread use of distortion pedals, some guitarists would remove one power tube in order to make their amplifier distort. This knob turned hard left mimics this same type of distortion - turned to the right the pedal amplifies as normal.
The Emma Overdrive pedal offers a wide range of tonal colors from clean level boost to seething, sagging saturation worthy of the grungiest garage band. Its full frequency response makes the OM-1 perfect for Bass as well as Guitar.