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Dunlop DCR1FC Crybaby Rack Controler

The companion pedal to the DCR-2SR Crybaby Rack Module. Pedal position controls the wah effect selected at the rack. Although the Crybaby Rack ships with one Footcontroller, you can add additional foot controllers and use up to six pedals at once to access the wah effect from multiple locations. The DCR-1FC is compatible with the older DCR-1SR AND the New DCR-2SR. POWER: Single 9-volt battery powers LEDs only - pedal continues to operate with absent or dead battery. CONTROLS: Pedal sweeps 470k ohm potentiometer. Pedal sweeps the wah effect selected at the rack module. Effect on/bypass switch at toe-down position of pedal travel. Tandem LEDs indicate pedal selected and effect status (simultaneously)