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פורטרס 4 מיתרים ROCKBASS HV

The RockBass Fortress is a re-issue of the Warwick Fortress, which was taken out of production in the late 1990's. There was so much public interest in the Fortress shape like Warwick decided to bring it back as a new member of the wildly successful RockBass line.

The Fortress features a swamp ash body, maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. The 4-string version comes loaded with active MEC Gold P and J-style pickups, while the 5-string comes with two active MEC Gold J-style pickups. Both basses have MEC active 2-band preamps on board. These basses are available in the US in either a honey violin stained, high polish finish or a beautiful burgundy burst, 3-tone high polish sunburst. For the perfect finishing touch, Warwick used black hardware.

The Fortress is a classic Warwick design that balances perfectly on a strap and has a wide range of tones. Go to your nearest Warwick dealer and ask them when they will be getting a Fortress for you to check out!