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Class of '55TM DP119
 The Class of '55TM features all the twang and glassy clarity of the best vintage single-coils. It has the elusive quack necessary for convincing neck/middle and bridge/middle pickup combination sounds. Unlike many surviving originals from the '50s, the Class of '55TM won't squeal at volume or double as an unwanted vocal mike, thanks to modern wax-dipping technology.

This is the pickup for moderate output vintage tone with maximum ping and sparkling definition for classic sounds in any position through American or British tube amps. Set the level on the amp all the way up and use the guitar's volume knob to control the amount of grit in the signal. It creates a sound so rich, you'd think it came with its own reverb.

Recommended For: All positions.

Tech Talk:
If you're well versed in Stratology, you know that there were several distinctive vintage single-coil sounds. The Class of '55TM is the glassy-twang type - very pure and cutting. It's a very articulate neck sound and all-around country pickup in all positions.

  • Wiring Two Conductor Classic 
  • Magnet Alnico 
  • Output 110mV 
  • DC Resistance 5.75K 
  • Year of introduction 1992