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DiMarzio HS2 Pickup
Warmer and slightly more powerful than an HS-1™, HS-2™ pickups are solid neck and middle position choices for guitars with a full-size humbucker in the bridge position. The HS-2™ pickups natural tone blends well with humbuckers, making a smooth transition when switching from rhythm to single-note picking. Using the HS-2™ also eliminates the annoying problem of switching from a quiet humbucking to a noisy single-coil pickup. A little-known secret about the HS-2: Eric Johnson has discovered that wiring an HS-2™ for single-coil operation creates one of the best vintage tones around.

Like all HS™ Series pickups, low noise, hum-canceling HS-2™s work well through high-gain racks and amps where any pickup noise is multiplied through preamps and effects chains.

Recommended for all positions.

Tech Talk
In the classic Strat configuration, the HS-2™ works in all 3 positions. It can also be part of a calibrated set, with the HS-1™ (neck), HS-2 (middle), and HS-3 (bridge). The HS-2™ also works in H-S-H combinations, recommended with PAF Pro¬, Fred, Air Classic™, and Humbucker From Hell¬ in neck and bridge positions.
  • Wiring: Standard 4-conductor
  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • Output: 90mV
  • DC Resistance: 14.97K
  • Year of introduction: 1980