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The EMG- H1A features the same design as the HI but utilizes Alnico V magnets instead of ceramic. The result is a much warmer sound with a full mid-range and a smoother top end, all without sacrificing the presence and open sound of the best vintage humbucker. This model utilizes over wound coils and Alnico V magnets which give it the warmth and depth of older passive designs. In neck position, it has a buttery smoothness that still cuts through, while in the Bridge position you’ll get a fat low-end and a nice punchy tone. This setup is perfect for any rhythm and blues player.Package Includes: EMG's exclusive 5-wire Quik-Connect™, Silver and black pole pieces

Options Available: Must specify H1A-B or H1A-N for bridge or neck position. HZ models that feature pole pieces come with both black and silver pole pieces. ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK.