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Acoustic Maxtrix Infinity Narrow
Narrow is 3/32"
Introduced at Winter NAMM, the new Fishman Matrix Infinity represents a dramatic evolution of the company's world renowned Acoustic Matrix pickup and preamp systems.
Resulting from over 25 years of collective R&D, the newly redesigned and re-voiced Matrix Infinity undersaddle pickup offers exceptional musicality, superb balance from string to string, absolute accuracy and ease of installation.
The Matrix Infinity literally redefines the category of undersaddle pickups where Fishman has continually set the standard for more artists and OEM partners as the best sounding and most trusted of its kind.
Starting with the popular Acoustic Matrix pickup as a point of departure, the Matrix Infinity now includes a new active, endpin-mounted preamp for the most sophisticated level of sound quality and responsiveness to the player's touch.
Key to the evolved design of the new Matrix Infinity are soundhole mounted rotary Volume and Tone controls that now allow the player to make a variety of easily accessible dynamic and tonal adjustments.
The Tone control cuts mids while boosting the bass and treble response to enhance the tonal characteristic and impact of any amplified acoustic guitar, from classical nylon string instruments to Dreadnaught and Jumbo acoustic models.
Taking the pickup's tonal variation capability one step further, the Matrix Infinity also incorporates a switchable voicing feature to accommodate all guitar body sizes and different performance situations in one pickup.
Exceptionally roadworthy, the Matrix Infinity is available in two saddle slot widths—a wide 1/8" (3.2mm) format or narrow 3/32" (2.3mm) format—the Matrix Infinity has a standard overall length of 2.65" (67.3mm) that will fit most guitars with string spacing of up to 2.5" (63.5mm).
The Matrix Infinity requires a 9V battery (not included) and professional installation is recommended.