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Breathe new life into any bass by replacing its stock pickup with a DiMarzio Model P. This hum-cancelling two-piece pickup brings big, punchy sound to PRECISION BASS style pickups. The DiMarzio Model P accurately reproduces the sound of your bass with added gain and solid tone. DiMarzio Model P pickups cut through the band without sacrificing bottom-end power. Gutsy mid-range provides growl when the bass is pushed hard. Combine the DiMarzio Model P¨ with a bridge position Dimarzio Model J and experience any tone from a tight mid-range punch to a warm bottom-end with bright, clear attack. 

Recommended For: 
Middle position (standard Precision Bass mounting). 

Tech Talk: 
Heavy sound with midrange emphasis. Aggresive sound designed to cut through dense tracks and loud situations. 
  • Wiring Standard four conductor 
  • Magnet Ceramic 
  • Output 163mV 
  • DC Resistance 11.3K 
  • Year of introduction 1977