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DiMarzio DP170 Blue Velvet Neck Pickup
Blue Velvet 

DiMarzio wanted to capture the qualities everyone digs about the originals, but wanted a few other things, too. Most players use a plain "G" string (regardless of gauge), so they developed a magnet stagger balanced to match today's string sets. DiMarzio also insulated the coil from the magnets so the pickup can't short out, and the Blue Velvet can be safely phase-reversed. Did they lose the original sound? There's no mystery about it: the Blue Velvet still sounds great. The Class of '55 is their pick for clean country sound, but the Blue Velvet is their first choice for blues. Strat is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instrument Corp., with which DiMarzio, Inc. is not affiliated.

Recommended For: 
All positions, but particularly recommended for neck and middle positions on rosewood fingerboard guitars.

Tech Talk: 
The 1950s and early '60s produced a wide range of subtly different single-coils. One particular flavor that DiMarzio really likes has a unique tonal balance - very clean and bright bass strings with relatively warm-sounding treble strings. This is what they modeled the DP170 after. Strictly speaking, the calibrated magnet stagger isn't authentic vintage, and neither is the Blue Velvets' ability to reverse phase by wiring black hot and white ground, but both of these are important factors that will improve performance for many players.