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Fast Track 1TM DP181
 With hum-cancelling side-by-side coils and twin-blade pole pieces,the Fast Track 1TM dishes out solid single-coil tone with some distinct advantages. The blade's magnetic field is continuous from end to end - no more strings misaligned over individual poles. There's also less string - pull, eliminating the out of tune sound caused when magnetic pull messes with the string vibration.

Most important is the sound. The Fast Track 1TM has the same open top- end as a single-coil with a tighter- more focussed bass response. Picking dynamics are intact to Fast TrackTMs speak with the sensitivity of your favorite single-coil, only about twice as loud.

If you use a hot bridge humbucker, try a Fast Track 1TM in the middle and neck positions. The Fast Track 1's enhanced output will better match the bucker's volume for smoother transition from one pickup position to another. You can put a whole set of Fast Track 1TM pickups in a Strat style guitar for louder, tougher tone. Different combinations of Fast Track1TM, ChopperTM, and Fast Track 2TM, pickups can add guts and drive to any 3x single-coil guitar. The DP381 is the Tele® bridge version.

Recommended For:

All basic Strat®-type replacement situations. The dual radiussed blade polepieces will handle all string-spacing requirements, and the magnetic field creates a very even string-to-string balance.

Tech Talk:
For any situation where single-coil sound with higher power and hum-cancellation is required. Can be used in any position in a standard Strat setup. Also combines with bridge humbuckers such as PAF®, PAF Pro®, Fred®, Air ClassicTM, Air ZoneTM, NortonTM, and Tone ZoneTM.

  • Wiring Standard four conductor 
  • Magnet Ceramic 
  • Output 191mV 
  • DC Resistance 5.72K 
  • Year of introduction 1994