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שם המוצר: פיק אפ לגיטרה חשמלית פסט טרק 2 שחור DIMARZIO DP182  
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פרטים נוספים:
Like a ChopperTM on vitamins, the Fast Track 2TM is a pedal-to-the-floor, side-by-side, twin-blade monster. It's got three times the output of an average single-coil, with a huge mid-range punch. The Fast Track 2TM is a bridge-position-only pickup with a powerful crunch and grind designed right in. It's particularly useful when you need a tightly focussed jolt of power to crank your amplifier into rich overdrive.

Mix the Fast Track 2TM with Fast Track 1TM and ChopperTM pickup for an extremely hot, tight sound from any guitar with three single-coil pickups. The DP182T is the Tele® version of the same pickup.

Recommended For:
Bridge position for all Strat-style guitars. The dual-blade polepieces can handle all string-spacing options.

Tech Talk:
To get some sense of the Fast Track 2TM, it's best to think of it as a Strat®-sized version of the Super Distortion® or Super 3TM, the two pickups it most closely resembles. Using a 500K volume control will open up the top end, and we recommend this value. The best neck & middle pickup combinations with the 2 would be relatively hot models like the Fast Track 1TM and ChopperTM. You can also mix it with Strat®ier models like the Virtual VintageTM line, if you're prepared for the jump in power of the bridge position.
  • Wiring Standard four conductor 
  • Magnet Ceramic 
  • Output 321mV 
  • DC Resistance 17.53K 
  • Year of introduction 1994