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The iBeam is the most natural-sounding pickup available, capable of capturing even the most subtle nuances of your instrument. Its fidelity is comparable to the best studio microphones (see the iBeam Challenge, 7/2002), while its excellent sound isolation also makes it an ideal solution for noisy home studios.

The iBeam also offers performance-grade stability, providing great amplified sound without a hint of piezo quack. Weighing less than 1/3oz, the iBeam will not alter the guitar's natural acoustics, nor does its installation require any modification to the instrument. Furthermore, the iBeam is utterly reliable, promising trouble-free performance backed by a five-year guarantee. 

The peel-and-stick installation adheres the pickup to the guitar via a strong but removable adhesive, allowing you to easily test different placements without committing to your first attempt. Included with each iBeam is a placement jig that allows you to install the pickup in minutes and get the ideal placement for the transducer inside the guitar. 

The iBeam is included in our iBeam Active and iBeam Onboard systems. Because the iBeam must be paired with a high-quality, high-gain preamp, we recommend these systems rather than a passive setup for most users. The iBeam will also work well with our line of outboard preamps, including the Para Acoustic D.I., Gigpro, Mixpro and Feedback Master. 

Voted "best pickup" for 2002 and 2003 by M.I.P.A., the iBeam is strongly recommended for soloists of all types -- especially jazz, classical and fingerstyle guitarists -- as well as acoustic ensembles playing in intimate settings.