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ה-PX350 דומה מאוד ל - PX150 בתוספת מגוון אפשרויות צליל ליווי ומקצבי תופים.
ה - PX350, הוא קפיצת מדרגה משמעותית בהתפתחות של סדרת PRIVIA. שילוב של מקלדת בטכנולוגיה מתקדמת, עם מנוע צליל חדש, גורמים לפסנתר הזה להגיע לרמה חדשה של דיוק, הקפדה על ניואנסים, וביטוי של הנגן. 
קלידים שקולים בטכנולוגית Tri-Sensor נותנים הרגשה של מקלדת פסנתר עשויה שנהב וצליל עשיר וחם.
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Piano Sound
With the PX-350, the award-winning grand piano sound in Privia has been dramatically improved. It utilizes more than three times the memory of the previous generation for a more natural piano tone. As mentioned above, Casio’s new proprietary sound source “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) provides unmatched realism and detail. This engine provides seamless dynamics for a remarkably expressive and powerful performance. For further realism, a new Damper Resonance simulator provides the rich sound of the strings when the sustain pedal is used.

Key Action
This special digital piano also features a redesigned 88 note Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard. This new action features new simulated ebony and ivory textured keys for a more incredible feel and its three sensors capture the dynamics of a performance with unparalleled speed and accuracy. To further enhance the experience, the action and the sound engine take into consideration the speed at which different-sized hammers move inside an acoustic grand relative to the velocity at which the keys are pressed. This timing nuance provides the ultimate key to your, and your audience's sound experience.

Powerful Features
The PX-350 has a total of 250 instrument tones built-in. Strings, organs, electric pianos, brass, drums, bass and more and with its registration capability, you can store your favorite splits and layers for live performance use. It also has 180 drum patterns with full auto accompaniment and a 17-track recorder for composing your own songs. Ready for the stage or studio, the PX-350 has 1/4” audio outputs so you can easily connect the PX-350 to recording and sound reinforcement equipment.Features

88-key Tri-sensor scaled hammer action with ebony and ivory feel
3 sensitivity levels, off

Sound Source:
  • AiR (Acoustic & intelligent Resonator)
  • Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source

  • Maximum polyphony: 128
  • Number of built-in tones: 250

Duet Mode
  • Layer, Split, Octave, Shift

  • Hammer Response Preset for piano tones
  • Damper Resonance Preset for piano tones

Digital Effects:
  • 4 types of reverb
  • 4 types of chorus
  • -3 ~ 0 ~ +3 brilliance
  • DSP preset for some tones

Key Transpose:
  • 25 steps (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones)

Tuning Control Rhythms
  • Number of built-in rhythms: 180
  • User rhythms: 10
  • Number of direct rhythms select buttons: 6
  • One-touch preset
  • Rhythm Editor Music Library
  • User Songs: 10
  • Capacity for user songs: approx. 3.2MB (approx 320KB/song)
Lesson Function
  • Metronome
  • Tempo Setting: 20-255BPM with tapping function

Music Preset
  • Number of built-in presets: 300, including chord progressions
  • User presets: 50
  • Number of Setups: 96 (4 areas x 4 banks)

  • Real Time Rec.,Punch In/Out
  • Number of Tracks/Songs: 27 tracks/5 songs
  • Auto Recording/Playback
  • 44.1kHz WAV Format/max. 25
  • SP-3 included

  • Full-dot LCD with backlit

  • USB (to host)
  • USB (to device)
  • Pedal: 2 (Damper/Soft, Sostenuto)
  • Connector for 3-Pedal Unit
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Phones/Output: 2 (Stereo Standard)
  • Line In
  • Line Out

  • 13cm x 6cm x 2
  • Tweeter: 5cm x 2
8W + 8W

Other functions and features:
  • Auto Harmonize
  • SD card slot
  • Auto power off
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Registration
  • Auto Power Off
  • Included Accessories:
  • Score stand
  • Score book
  • SP-3 pedal
  • AD-A12150LW