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קורבט $$ 4 מיתרים WARWICK NATURAL

The Corvette '$$'
(Double Buck) 
If the entire line of Warwick basses is like a family at a party, then the Corvette $$ is the newest in-law who ate all the food, drank all the booze and is now in the coat closet with not one, but two of the wait staff! You know the type - a complete and utter beast who only listens to the one person in the family who can control it. Yeah...the Double $$ is that wild.Even though it cosmetically resembles other Corvette models, the Double $$ gets its outrageous attitude and powerful identity from its unique pickup and electronics package. There are two passive MEC humbuckers nestled closely in the center of the body, completely covering the legendary sweet-spot that so many basses miss completely. But this beast has a sensitive side too, which can be accessed via the two mini 3-way switches that allow you to coil tap each humbucker in a variety if ways (hum canceling parallel/series, single coil). To give the Double $$ more flexibility, the passive pickups are matched to a MEC 2-band preamp, making this behemoth a true passive/active hybrid bass – the best of both worlds.
If you look beyond the wild electronics you will see that the Double $$ features some of Warwick’s most valued components. A select swamp ash body for warmth and snap, an ovangkol neck for strength and growl, bell brass frets for resonance and longevity – all these elements blend beautifully to create the perfect performance palate for you and your passion.
Available in either 4 or 5-string models, the Double $$ comes with a natural finish or with one of Warwick’s transparent colored oil stains. If you think you have the right stuff to party with a pro, venture down to your local Warwick dealer and take the Double $$ for a test drive. Just remember – what happens with the Double $$ stays between you and the Double $$...