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Dunlop DCB10 DC Brick Universal Power Supply10 outputs, power conditioner, up to 1000 milliamps
The Dunlop DCB10 DC Brick is the most reliable and consistent way to power your effects. Forget the collection of wall warts... the DC Brick will drive ten (10) pedals from the same source! More than a power supply, this box is a power conditioner as well. Unlike aging batteries, the Brick supplies a predictable voltage at all times, keeping your effects consistent from show to show.

Its FCLC (Foldback Current Limiting Circuit) provides ultimate protection against power shorts and overloads. Even at full load, you'll enjoy the quiet and cool operation of a fully regulated power supply. But since battery-powered effects rarely exceed 30 milliamps each, you're not likely to use anywhere near the Brick's capacity of 1000 milliamps output!Technical InfoPower: Included AC power adapter can utilize a wide range of international wall power from 100 to 240 volts, at 47 to 63 Hz. Supplied with U.S. plug.
  • Controls: Power Input from AC Adapter (Use only the included adapter!)
  • Seven 9V outputs can handle an average of 55 milliamps each, or a total of 375 milliamps in any configuration
  • Three 18V outputs can handle an average of 208 milliamps each, or a total of 625 milliamps in any configuration
  • All outputs may be used simultaneously for a total power output of up to 1000 milliamp
  • Cables included for connecting brick to your pedals.