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Fishman Aura Imaging Acoustic Pedal Jumbo

Breakthrough Acoustic Sound Imaging technology in familiar effects-pedal format: easily and accurately reproduce your instrument's sound as miked in a pro studio. For guitars with undersaddle or magnetic soundhole pickups. Your choice of the six major types of acoustic stringed instruments. Each features 16 images, ranging over the most popular acoustic guitar models. Volume, Blend, and Phase controls.

Aura® Acoustic Imaging Pedals Revolutionize Acoustic Amplification
Aura Imaging Pedals utilize Fishman’s Aura Acoustic Imaging Technology in a familiar effects pedal format, finally allowing acoustic guitarists to easily and accurately reproduce the sound of their instrument as miked in a professional studio.

Easy to set up and use, Aura Acoustic Imaging Pedals eliminate intrusive stage noise and expensive microphone setups, allowing guitarists to achieve incredible recordings at home or in any live performance setting. Designed for use with guitars featuring undersaddle or magnetic soundhole pickups, there are Aura Pedals for each of the six major types of acoustic stringed instruments: Dreadnought, Concert, Orchestra, Jumbo, Nylon, and 12-String.

Each Aura Imaging Pedal features 16 Images, selected from a vast library to cover a wide range of the most popular acoustic guitar models. A deliberately simple and intuitive control set offers Volume, Blend, and Phase allowing simple operation at home or on stage.

Aura uses digital algorithms, developed in Fishman’s audio labs, to create an Image of the natural sound that microphones capture in a professional studio. This Image, when played through an amp, mixer, or PA, blends with your instrument’s pickup to produce an immediate and dramatic improvement in your amplified sound.

Acoustic Imaging Pedals - Breakthrough Acoustic Sound Imaging™ technology!