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Bluester RIGHT HAND111R מתלה לגיטרה יד

Grip Studios Custom Guitar Hangers
Bluester - Right Hand.

Hangers are built from the finest materials.
They're strong and durable and will support many times the weight of any guitar or bass.
You can rest assured your axe is in good "hands".

Grip studios hangers are machined and balanced so your instrument fits securely. 
The grip is equipped with a rubber cushion so the neck and headstock of your guitar or bass is well protected. 
Won't harm nitrocellulose finishes. 
"We at Grip Studios believe strongly in our products and most importantly in the satisfaction of our customers. Bottom line...we stand behind our work."

Each piece comes with our 30 day Money Back Guarantee and a Life-time Warranty against defects in craftsmanship.*

Easy to install. Each piece securely holds your guitar or bass with its sturdy mounting screw. Installed in a wall stud you can have the confidence that your Axe is in good hands! Comes with easy to follow installation instructions.