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ה-CUBE Lite מאפשר להשמיע ולהקליט מוזיקה בבית באמצעות ה-iPhone, iPad או ה-iPod Touch תוך שימוש בסאונדים בטכנולוגיית COSM, התממשקות עם iOS ומערכת אודיו 2.1 איכותית. פשוט מחברים את מכשיר ה-iOS אל כניסת ה-i-CUBE LINK, מפעילים את אפליקציית ה-CUBE JAM החינמית. ברגע שהכל מחובר אפשר להתחיל לנגן עם קטעי ליווי, להקליט את עצמכם ולשתף את המוזיקה שלכם. רמקולים סטריאופוניים וסאבוופר מספקים למגבר הזה סאונד עשיר וגדול שמתאים גם לנגינה וגם להאזנה למוזיקה.
  • מגבר גיטרה קומפקטי בעיצוב מודרני שמשתלב היטב בכל חדר
  • שלושה סאונדים של גיטרה בטכנולוגיית COSM‏ - JC CLEAN, CRUNCH ו-EXTREME
  • אפקטי קורוס וריברב
  • מערכת אודיו 2.1 ערוצים באיכות מעולה, עם רמקולים סטריאופוניים וסאבוופר
  • חיבור i-CUBE LINK מאפשר התממשקות אודיו קלה עם ה-iPhone, iPad או ה-iPod Touch
  • אפליקציית CUBE JAM חינמית ל-iOS מאפשרת לנגן שירים וקטעי מינוס 1 ולהקליט את הנגינה שלכם יחד עם קטעי הליווי
  • כולל כבל המאפשר תקשורת דו-צדדית (השמעה והקלטה) עם מכשירי iOS

CUBE Lite: Guitar Amplifier
Stylish Guitar Amp with Built-In iOS Interface

Combining great COSM® guitar tones, iOS interfacing, and a quality 2.1 Channel audio system, the CUBE Lite Guitar Amplifier lets you play and record at home along with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Connect your iOS device to the i-CUBE LINK jack and launch the free CUBE JAM app, then riff along with backing tracks and record your playing to share your music and archive song ideas. With stereo speakers and an integrated subwoofer, you’ll enjoy rich, satisfying sound reproduction for both guitar playing and casual music listening. And with an attractive look that blends with any home décor, the CUBE Lite Guitar Amplifier can occupy a permanent spot in your living space, always at the ready when you want to plug in and jam.

Compact guitar amp with a stylish look for home living spaces
JC CLEAN, CRUNCH, and EXTREME COSM tones, plus stereo chorus and reverb effects
Great-sounding 2.1 Channel audio system, with stereo speakers and integrated subwoofer
i-CUBE LINK jack provides simple audio interfacing with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Free CUBE JAM app for iOS plays songs and minus-one jam tracks, and lets you record the CUBE Lite’s COSM amp tones along with music playback
Includes cable for two-way communication (playback and recording) with iOS devices
Available in three colors: black, white, or red


The CUBE Lite Guitar Amplifier provides three great COSM tones—JC CLEAN, CRUNCH, and EXTREME—giving you a wide range of sounds for playing any style of music. Reverb and chorus effects are onboard as well, with true stereo performance for a wide, expansive sound.


Equipped with stereo speakers and an integrated subwoofer, the CUBE Lite’s powerful 2.1 Channel audio system delivers a rich, full sound that belies the amp’s compact footprint. When you want to practice silently, just plug in a set of headphones to mute the onboard speakers.


With the newly developed i-CUBE LINK interface, the CUBE Lite Guitar Amplifier lets you integrate your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with your axe in a familiar and satisfying way—through a real amp with great tone. Other interfaces require bulky, specialized add-ons to plug your guitar direct into the iOS device, resulting in a clumsy, inconvenient playing experience. With i-CUBE LINK, you just connect to your device’s audio jack with the included cable, then blend the COSM tones and iOS audio together at the amp with simple, intuitive controls. The versatile i-CUBE LINK jack can also be used as a simple stereo input, enabling you to hook up nearly any music player or audio device and play it through the CUBE Lite.


The free Roland CUBE JAM app turns your iOS device into a fun command center for jamming, recording, and learning. Play back commercial songs and minus-one tracks through the CUBE Lite via i-CUBE LINK, and riff along for hours with awesome COSM tones. CUBE JAM also records audio through the i-CUBE LINK connection, allowing you to easily capture your jams. After you’re done recording, you can adjust the volume of your guitar and backing music independently, then export your mix to a 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV file. The app also includes great tools for music practice, including independent speed and pitch adjustment of audio playback, Center Cancel to remove solos and create your own jam tracks, and more.


Normally, recording from the CUBE Lite Guitar Amplifier into CUBE JAM or another app captures the sound as you hear it, with the COSM tone applied. Activating the CUBE Lite’s Direct Mode feature lets you capture dry guitar sounds while monitoring with the COSM sound. Recording dry tracks in this way gives you the option to experiment later by “re-amping” with any guitar app of your choice. Direct Mode also allows you to use real-time guitar processing in any app, monitoring the live output with the CUBE Lite.


Offering an appearance more like a consumer audio system than a typical rugged-look guitar amp, the CUBE Lite blends in seamlessly with any home living space. In addition to being a great guitar amp, it also doubles as a high-quality playback system for your digital music library. With three different finishes to choose from (black, white, or red), you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home furnishings.