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The 2nd generation ReezaFRATzitz is now in production. Based on the best sounding ReezaFRATzitz 1 we could find, we added low and high frequency controls that give you unprecedented tonal control over the pedal. 
The ReezaFRATzitz 2 is a unique type of overdrive / distortion pedal that was designed to emulate as faithfully as possible the distortion characteristics of a real tube amp. 
With the inclusion of a bias control the user is allowed to adjust the inner workings of the pedal from class B (far left) to class A (far right) and anywhere in between, altering the harmonic structure of the signal and providing a much wider  variety of tonal options than your standard OD / distortion pedal. Class A mode provides a smoother clipping ala’ Vox AC30 while Class B is more akin to your classic Marshall Amp tones.
Additional controls for Level, Gain, and the previously mentioned Low and High tone controls allow the user to fine tune the ReezaFRATzitz 2 to taste.
Also added is the ingenious circuit: 'untrue bypass' that at Emma electronic is known as 'the overlord of the beast'. There are many myths about mechanical true bypass. In a pedal like this and the PisdiYAUwot, you will want and you will get the 'untrue bypass' circuit.